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Theresa Nicassio, PhD 

Psychologist | Chef | Nutrition Educator

The Author: The Story in the Story...

Dr. Theresa Nicassio is an ordinary woman whose life path as a Registered Psychologist (#1541) beginning in the mid-1980’s and later as a special needs mom took a horrific turn when her health took an unexpected nose-dive after the birth of her daughter in 1997.

Unrecognizable and with a failed immune system that hit her like a Mack truck after the birth of her daughter, Theresa's "new normal" in life was filled with perpetual infection, inflammation and chronic pain. The small airways of her lungs were wrecked and her tonsils and glands were infected and swollen for at least seven to eight years straight, without a moment's respite. She had no idea that gluten and other food sensitivities were virtually killing her. Previous pleasures like singing, ballroom dance, power volleyball and hikes in nature became distant memories she thought she'd never experience again.Instead of enjoying motherhood as the active woman she had been prior her pregnancy, Theresa found herself unrecognizable and betrayed by her body, living a nightmare of disability and chronic pain, without anyone cluing in for over twelve years that her suffering was related to food sensitivities and autoimmune dysfunction. During that time, her greatest fear was that her daughters would be left motherless before they graduated high school.

Ironically, it was her hardships and discoveries along the way and her passion to help others avoid the misery that she endured that led Theresa to where she is today. While searching for a “cure” for her illness, she became a Certified Integrative Energy Healing Practitioner and began studying an array of osteopathic healing modalities, such as Craniosacral, Lymphatic, Visceral, and Neural therapies, eventually also attending culinary school with her daughter, where she became a Gourmet Raw Food Chef and an Advanced Raw Food Nutrition Educator.

Feeling deeply blessed to still be around after 50 and able to watch her kids growing up, especially given her rocky health journey and fight to not leave her girls motherless before graduating high school. Dr. Theresa Nicassio is thrilled to be able to share what she has learned to help her readers feel more vitality and joy in life.In her multi-award-winning bestselling book YUM: Plant-Based Recipes For A Gluten-Free Diet Theresa shares her personal challenges so that others might find hope from her story. The huge success of the book propelled her adventure even further, especially when it received a Gourmand International ‘BEST IN THE WORLD’ Award and a Publishers Weekly starred review, amongst many other prestigious national and international awards for its unique contribution addressing the special needs of those living with food sensitivities and other dietary restrictions.

Advocating for health and social inclusivity, Theresa is now an international speaker, a radio show host, magazine columnist, and a celebrity host for Journeys with Heart’s upcoming riverboat cruise holiday helping BC Charities, as well as the creator of Theresa’s Wellness Hub at www.TheresaNicassio.com, supporting health and kindness everywhere she goes.

Offering simple solutions to the "ache" that so many feel about their health, their relationships, and the future of the planet, Theresa uses her integrated personal and professional knowledge to provide hope in the face of despair, helping those she serves heal from the inside-out.


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